Alvaro Lopez B.

Álvaro López B. Librarian, with a Master's degree in Applied 
Linguistics. He has over 15 years of experience in university libraries 
and currently leads the team implementing Bibframe at Universidad de 
Concepción, in Chile, since 2022. He has extensive experience in project 
execution, and specializes in Bibframe and its implementation. 
Currently, he is Head of Data Analysis and Information Management at 
Universidad de Concepcion Libraries.
Universidad de Concepcion Libraries
Job Title: 
, Head of Data Analysis
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Session Description: 
Bibframe, a step into the Future: Concepts, Implementation and 


This presentation will address the main concepts behind 
Bibframe as a standard, and its relationship with Linked Data (LD); plus 
a practical way to implement it, including future projections and 
applications of Bibframe and LD relating to its use in modern-day 
libraries, as a way to keep raising information management in libraries, 
to 21st century standards.